KY Proud (Fairs) at Paducah canceled

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e received this notice from Susan Nash at the KYHRC. Please contact Oak Grove or Susan Nash (859.246.2040) directly with any questions.

The races scheduled for Paducah next week were canceled by the fair board in McCracken County. Christian County will be now be participating and their races will take place at Oak Grove on Tuesday June 20th at 3:00pm Central.

Entries can made online under Oak Grove’s condition sheet for Tuesday June 20th, or by calling the racing office at Oak Grove. *The box will close this Thursday June 15th at 1pm Central*

All races for this event will be charted and drivers will need to have an A or a P license (no qualifying or fair licenses).

KY Proud purses will be paid by the KY Department of Treasury except for any overnights (if any) which will be paid by Oak Grove.